Off Season Fun

It’s snowing here in Cody, WY and a balmy -8! It will be -20 by morning which has us dreaming of summer sun.  This week, we are hosting the Chamber of Commerce banquet. It will be a great evening spent with fellow businesses in our beautiful area.

Plans for the new season are underway but to say we haven’t been quite busy here at The Cody Cattle Company would be a lie. We have had several events fill our building with great energy and music.

After our season ended we hosted a three day church convention. Then Nashville recording artist John King took the stage. We spent a festive holiday evening with hit song writer Skip Ewing.

Outdoor fun was in the spotlight with a 3 Day ice climbing convention
(Did you know Cody has world class ice to climb?)

Comedy nights and several banquets have kept us busy.
As we get closer to opening night (May 26th) we are hosting another amazing musician on May 6th, Outlaw Country artist, Gethen Jenkins. He has had 4 Songs featured on the hit show “Yellowstone”! 

Our new season also welcomes two new members to the Triple C Cowboys. A big thank you to everyone who has attended all these great events and we can’t wait to see you again. 

A Glimpse Of Our Off Season Fun